we provide vessel agency services and services related to owners/vessel matters, at all the ports of Europe, Hong Kong  and India through our own office as well as our strong associates. We hold our strength in good communications, clear documentation and knowledge of various port infrastructures, facilities, restrictions and procedures.

Below is the brief profile which our agency departments takes care for all the Indian , Hong Kong And European ports, but we are not limited to it ....

  1. Acting as owners agents
  2. Acting as charterers nominated agents
  3. Providing PDAs and information /restrictions for all the ports of Europe, Hong Kong and India.
  4. Taking care of all the owners husbandry matters/vessel matters.
  5. Crew changes at all the Indian, Hong Kong And European ports
  6. CTM, spares clearance and delivery
  7. Various stores, charts/publications arrangement & delivary co-ordination
  8. Visit arrangements for owners representatives, medical assistance.
  9. Technical & workshop support for any kind of repairs.
  10. And many more