We are also associated with a companies engaged in various maritime services like internal audit, ISPS audits, prevetting inspections, damage survey, compiling of SMS, port captains, cargo survey and claim survey and Flag State Inspections.

We can also arrange services such as:

  1. Arrangement for L.S.A/F.F.A & Boiler survey job.
  2. Arrangements of Radio Survey
  3. CO2 Bottle Weightment, refilling and pediodical survey.
  4. Supply Of Various Main Engine/ A/E spares And allied machines from old ship breaking yard.
  5. Deck/Engine Stores.
  6. Navigational Equipments, BA Charts & Publications
  7. Various Stores like, Cabin Stores, Provisions, Bond Stores...etc
  8. Scrapping, cleaning and painting work.
  9. Tank/Hold/Hatches Cleaning & Washing
  10. All sort of under water services.
  11. Any other related services on your call.