Eurroseas Shipping business operation provides a range of highly professional shipping services to the shipping industry. The team is lead by highly experience and professional leaders, that enhances the capabilities of the company. The team consist of professionals that have strong experience under the field of vessel agencies services throughout the Indian, Hong Kong and European ports.

Introducing ourselves, we are basically in the business of:

  1.  Vessel agencies services at all the Indian, Hong Kong and European ports .
  2.  Owners husbandry matters services at all Indian, Hong Kong and European ports.

Our guiding philosophy is to continuously set to move higher, set new benchmarks in advancing quality and professional services to all our clients.

Our team is manned by senior experienced personnel  who are equipped to handle all kinds of issues pertaining to a vessels port call. Continuous in-house training with in the organization gives our operations executives useful knowledge.

Excellent job execution, understanding of the principals requirements and prompt response are hall-marks of our services.